We are building a movement in the electorate of Hume that stretches from Gunning and Goulburn in the South, to Camden and Silverdale in the North.

Angus Taylor, the current representative for this electorate, was recently voted the most incompetent cabinet member in the Morrison Government by the Australian Financial Review.


In 2013, Angus seemed like a promising candidate. But since his election, he has done things counter to the expectations of many Hume constituents that we have spoken with, including those that voted for him at the last election, and he has questions to answer.

Angus supports the fracking of pristine farm land across Australia (as the country’s energy minister, he has influence on this at the national level). This might come as no surprise if you are to learn about his many connections to the mining industry prior to his role in Government. 


There are numerous controversies that Taylor has been mentioned in, such as the GrassGate affair and WaterGate.


Then there is the Clover Moore affair in which Taylor’s office was implicated in spreading misinformation about the Sydney Mayor. Documents were presented by his office to accuse her of being a ‘hypocrite’ on the issue of climate change. However the documents were found to be falsified.  The source of these fictitious documents has never been revealed. 

However there are 3 important things that you should know about Angus’ voting record in parliament:

1. He has voted against farmers

2. He has voted against pensioners

3. He has voted against Australian industry, even promoting foreign ownership of Aussie infrastructure

Details are here:


Angus Voted Strongly For:

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