Vote Angus Out has a simple purpose. We are building a movement in the electorate of Hume that stretches from Gunning and Goulburn in the South, to Camden and Silverdale in the North, to help ‘unelect’ Hume representative, Angus Taylor MP. You help by doing three things. 


1. Donate to our campaign

2. Buy a t-shirt, hoodie or stubby holder and send us back a pic for social media. 

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We do not think Angus truly represents the constituents of Hume, because he has voted against many things that would benefit his constituents. 

We aren’t proposing a specific candidate in this point in time. But would like to think a suitable independent candidate might take his place in order to better represent the constituents of Hume. 

You can view the many reasons why Angus should not be re-elected. But for now you can judge on his voting record, and click each link for more information.


Angus Voted Strongly For: